The hot and cold water dispenser with RO system available in some of the modern machines today serves the purpose beautifully. The special quality of this ProOne product is that it is perfectly suited for the Indian market. This hot-n-cold water purifier gives you the best of both worlds as you get hot and cold water at the Push of a Tab. The True RO Filtration technology ensures the elimination of disease-causing bacteria, heavy metals like arsenic and lead, and TDS. The Multi-step purification is a first in the industry.

ProOne Hot & Cold Water Dispenser With Inbuilt RO Systems

    • Hot & cold water facility

    • Purification by RO + water purifier 

    • Natural organic and chemical free membrane filter

    • High purification capacity of 15 ltrs./hr

    • 10 ltrs of storage capacity

    • Enhance pH value of water

    • Supplies essential minerals like Mg, K, Na, Fe, Ca, Fe, etc.

    • Kills bacteria in water & improves the taste of water

    • ISO 9001-2008 certified co.

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