No Power Requerd | Zero water wastage | No service requerd | Excellent purification | Easy filter exchange | Enjoy safe & clean water for cooking | Cleaning | Laundry | Bathing 

ProOne Washing Machine/Geyser Filter

  • ProOne water filtration systems specially designed to be installed with geyser, washing machine systems and under-the-sink. ProOne  Water Filtration Systems Technology allows effective absorption of wide variety of sediments contaminants such as dust, dirt, mud, silt, rust particles and hundreds of other suspended solids that may be present in your water giving you the cleanest water for your water needs.


    Benefits of use

    1:- Protects your pipes, Plumbing & fixtures from scaling.

    2:- Clean water ensures hygiene protects from allergy.

    3:- Protects your water using home appliances.

    4:- Improves wash quality keeps your clothes safe.

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