ProOne High Quality RO Membrane.

Product Features: Effectively remove all organic contaminants, viruses, microorganisms, colloids and heavy metals in the water; Specifications 11.8(in), diameter 1.8(in) Function parameters: RO reverse osmosis membrane, filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns; Life cycle: 15-30 months (Recommendation 20 months to replace and depend water quality) COMPATIBLE with Almost All 80 GPD RO system on the market*"

ProOne 80 Gpd RO Membrane

₹1,800.00 Regular Price
₹1,620.00Sale Price
Product Dimensions
    • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Remove The Particles Of Heavy Metal (Primarily Calcium And Magnesium, Lead, Chromium And Nitrates), Bacterial And Any Other Carbonates From Source Water.
    • Service Your Water Purifier By Yourself By Changing The Membrane (Very Easy To Install) Used In RO Water Purifiers
    • Best For Domestic/Commercial RO Water Purifiers
    • Package Includes : 1 ProOne 80 Gpd Membrane.


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