Built-in-Hobs is like a permanent gas stove top. To install a built it hob the counter top (Granite countertop) is altered by cutting where the hob is installed. built-in gas hob is designed to seamlessly fit on the kitchen countertop, 

Cooking at home is the best way to keep your family healthy and nourished. Home cooked food is the ultimate source of nutrition and for this an efficient gas stove can easily do the trick. ProOne is a popular name when it comes to kitchen accessories and those who are considering investing in a quality stove should certainly check out products from this brand. ProOne gas stove is the best that you can choose to afford and this efficient cooktop can not only reduce your cooking time, it can also help you cook delicious food for your family. built-in gas hobs are a better alternative to conventional gas stoves.

ProOne Hob HB 501

SKU: 364115376135196
₹19,000.00 Regular Price
₹12,350.00Sale Price
  • Auto-ignition, smooth black tempered glass, four burners, iron grills, multiple cooking space - this is a match made in heaven for your stylish kitchen.

    • 5 Gas with one triple flame Burner Black tempered glass (8 mm thick)
    • Auto electric ignition Enamelled matt finish grills
    • Easy grip knobs S.steel dip tray
    • 2 Years Warranty Size 86 cm
    • Inner cutting size : 830x480 mm Outer cutting size : 865x520 mm

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