Which is Better Cooktop or Hob for Home?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The main difference between a gas hob and a cooktop (gas stove) is built-in gas hob is designed to seamlessly fit on the kitchen countertop while a gas stove is a freestanding appliance unit. Although the both serve the equal basic function, built-in gas hobs are a better alternative to conventional gas stoves.

Cooktop & Hob

Are Gas Stove (Cooktop) Safe?

Yes, definitely, these gas stove cooktops are the safest kitchen appliances that you will ever use.

What makes these gas stove safe refers to the fact that the cooking surface does never get hot, only the pan and this is possible thanks to the electromagnetic fields that are created by the induction cooktops.

Cooktop (Gas Stove) Battery operated Auto Ignition is Not Working?

First of all, do not operate appliance, disconnects the appliance electrically; check if the battery needs replacement. Second, check if the burners are placed properly on the burner base. Examine the burner rings. Remove anything if stuck in the holes. Be careful do not scratch or damage the ring and cap. Clean all the burner parts, including burner bases Use a cleaning brush with plastic bristles or a firm toothbrush. When assure and done, rinse the spare parts properly with clean water. Dry all the parts thoroughly before re-assembling them. Reset the spares part properly on same positions, check the functioning of the burners, If the flame is uneven, be sure that the brass burner ring and burner cap are properly positioned, then check for any remaining dirt or grime on the burner parts or igniters. If erratic igniting is still continuing, make sure the igniters are completely dry. If the unit still exhibits problems after drying, call on our customer care no 9999-245-619 or your nearby ProOne authorized service centre.


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