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Updated: May 8, 2020

Get Washing Machine Repair in Dehradun, Hassle Free Online Booking or just a Call Away Get Affordable Washing Machine Repair Service in Dehradun. Save Time & Effort Book Experience, Verified Technician, Experience, Expert Repair Service Technician at ProOne. Our  Repair & Services are dedicated to be performed with use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to repair without compromising quality of work.With a remarkably trained group of expert service technicians team near you. we have been providing services in all over India.​

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Get doorstep repair in 60 minutes at your schedule time slot.

Fully trained experienced repair & service professionals team.

Background verified & trained service professionals.

we serve all brand service since 1998.

Why You Need To Only Avail Our Services?

Our  Repair & Services are dedicated to be performed with use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to repair without compromising quality of work.With a remarkably trained group of expert service technicians team near you. we have been providing services in all over India.​

Do You Have Warranty On Repair?  

At ProOne we have warranty on repair 

  • 30 days service guarantee

  • 90 days ProOne spare parts warranty on replacement

Most Popular Brand We Repair And Service

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Washing Machine Service Near You

Human life is impossible without water and yet a large part of the population in the world does not have access to clean water. Consequently, appliances that can clean water and remove all sorts of impurity from it are crucial for good health since tap water is not clean enough to be consumed directly. Washing Machines need to be maintained so that they can function efficiently. You must also get them repaired punctually by hiring washing machine repair services in Dehradun as soon as you notice any problems with their performance

Washing machine repair service in Dehradun

Get Washing Machine repair in Dehradun near you within 90 minutes with 30-day post-service guarantee and Protection against Damage up to INR 5,000. Our expert technician is background verified & trained, they service all brands and models. If you're tired of the frequent breakdown of your washing machine, then don't worry, we've got you covered. We understand how frustrating it can get and thus give you a platform to hire the best technicians to undertake a washing machine repair service near you. Get that faulty washing machine fixed right away. Book now at ProOne!

Washing Machine Repair Expert

Washing machine service technicians of Dehradun Repairs offers the fastest local repair, service, and maintenance of your domestic and commercial washing machines all over Dehradun. We have a proven track record of the professional repair of all types of washer & dryers, including all types of semi & fully automatic washing machines. Our washing machine service center is located in the center of Dehradun. ProOne highly trained verified professionals are familiar with every fault of the washing machine. Having 10 years of real in-hand experience in field services there is nothing that could stop us from successfully repairing of your any brand washing machine LG, Samsung, whirlpool, Bosh, Videocon, IFB, Godrej, videocon, Panasonic, Toshiba, Onida, Haier. In addition to our renowned washing machine repair service, At our Dehradun Repairs Center we have Specialist in all types laundry equipment's, including front load washers, top load washers, washer dryers, stackable washers, washer dryer combos, all-in-one combination washers & dryers, heavy duty dryers, commercial washer dryers, tumble dryer and others. Schedule a repair online or call 8750-799- 899 to schedule today.

Inclusions & Exclusions
Servicing Includes:
A. Outer body
B. inlet pipe & drainpipe cleaning
C. Pulsator cleaning (inner drum and chemical cleaning not included)
D. Gasket cleaning(in Front-load machines)
C. Dump valve, Detergent dispenser tray, Inlet valve cleaning
D. Belt, Legs and inlet Tap adjustment
Note: Scale removal of the Drum is not included


Washing Machine Professional Services

The rapid increase number of washing machines in Indian houses has vastly increased in recent times. It has been a great relief to many homemakers who save plenty of time and effort by its use. Today's Washing Machine not only washes and cleans but also dries the clothes.

At ProOne, it is our endeavor to provide you superior quality service at your home at affordable prices. Wherever you want to repair your washing machine, don’t worry; ProOne is available in all the major metro cities of India. ProOne makes available skilled and vetted washing machine service technicians to help you get more out of your washing machine.

Why book ProOne for washing machine service or repair requirements? 1) Comfortable service In today's world’s more than money, time is of the essence. Time is the most precious commodity that's briefly supplied. Through ProOne, you'll book our washing machine repair service during a slot of your comfort. For your comfort, our services are open also on Sundays. Our service specialists will make your front load or top load washing machines back to the best form. 2) Convenience in booking With our intuitive app, the entire process of booking is often accomplished within a moment. So, it leaves you at any time to satisfy your other work. Anybody with a Smartphone can book our services. At the time of booking, you're just required to fill an easy form indicating the problem and after filling your address, you're good to go. If you've got another add that specific slot, you can also reschedule the service without incurring any charges. 3) Multiple services provided Not only we've been washing machine repair services, but we even have preventive services like washing machine maintenance service. This service helps your machine to function at optimal performance levels throughout the year and therefore the chances of a machine breakdown decrease sharply. 4) Thorough verification of personnel The professionals we send at your house for washing machine repair are thoroughly vetted by us. there's an exhaustive background check done on the professional by third-party audit firms. The firms check the address of the professional and also if he has any previous criminal history. Also, the professional is provided with a ProOne uniform and a card. 5) Multiple skilled professionals As we have a database of an outsizes number of service professionals, customers will get the service easily. So wherever you stay, a ProOne service professional is simply a request away. So, subsequent time your washing machine gives you any trouble, you don’t need to exist within the scorching heat to run to your area’s repairmen. Just a call away the ProOne experienced technician will resolve your washing machine complaint within an hour.

ProOne Repair & Services?

It,s common for any electronic to encounter wear and tear over a period of time. So, what should one do? Buy a new product or look for an intermittent solution depending upon the condition of the product which of course can only be ascertained by the product specialist. Here, we come to your rescue. Home appliances, being an investment for a lifetime has scope for repair which enables it to function as before. ProOne, through its team of seasoned repair professionals, is technically skilled at identifying the underlying issue and repairing the appliance to help it perform as desired. Our engineer shall attend to your appliance repair request once placed through our customer care number and conduct a detailed survey of the system. The issues once ascertained shall be informed to you and repair work is undertaken only post providing you with complete information including expenses involved and obtaining your consent on the same.

Installation/Uninstallation: You can avail of professional installation and uninstallation services of RO or water purifier from ProOne. You can hire our professionals to install your new RO machine in your house or uninstall your RO in case of renovation or shifting. If you are shifting houses, consider availing our

Combo Offer Of Uninstallation And Installation Services

Service: Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your RO machine to function well and last you a long time. Our professionals will clean the water filters, RO machine, and tank during the service. For any faulty components, they will replace them promptly after getting your approval. This will help in maintaining your RO machine and getting clean water for years to come.Inspection/Repair: If you are facing problems with your RO machine, you can avail of our inspection and repair services. Our professionals carry out a complete check-up of your RO machine and check for any clogged or faulty components. If there is nothing wrong with the RO machine then you will only have to pay nominal inspection charges of Rs. 300 to our professionals.

Why you need to only avail our services?

Our Repair & Services are dedicated to being performed with the use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to repair without compromising the quality of work. With a remarkable professional & trained group of expert service technicians team near you. we have been providing services in all over India.

For instant connect you can dial our all-time available contact number Know as customer care or service center number 8750799899. In case, you find any problem after getting our services, you will get instant assistance for the resolution of the concern.

Are you looking for the best washing machine repair in INDIA?

At ProOne we provide you with a platform wherein you can hire the best washing machine repair experts near you! We have a team of trusted ProOne professionals who strive hard to deliver you the best washing repair near you. So, all your washing machine Repair needs near you.

What Exactly Is Cover On Minimum Visiting Charges?

Minimum visiting charges include the inspection by a technician who will diagnose the problem and will recommend the resolution. On examination, our team will give you estimated time and charges for repair work. And you can decide whether you want us to go ahead with the repair or not. However, the visit charges will be applicable on a visit.

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