Mineral Water Purifier Pot 16 Liters

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Mineral Water Purifier 16 Liters Unbreakable, Non-Electrical, Food Grade Material, 7 Stage, Next Generation Technology, Mineral Water Filter with UF Technology. No Boiling, No Electricity, No Running Water. Multistage Purification System, ProOne - Aquamaxx Filtration Pvt. Ltd.

General Operation

1. Precautions

Clean the ceramic dome, carbon cartage.Do not expose the filter, to sunlight, this damage the filters plastic body. Clean the ceramic dome every 7 days with toothbrush.Clean the outside of carbon cartridge every 10 days. Keep the water storage tanks clean, Wash and rinse them once every 7 to 10 days.The complete filter should be cleaned at least once every month or earlier, as per the quality of tap water. Do not fill the water in the top tank if the water level in the bottom tank is above the maximum permissible level mark, otherwise it will result in overflow.

2. How to Use

After assembly of the filter & wait till filtered water is filled in lower tank. Water which gets collected in the bottom tank, for the first two times, should be drained. (Even if all parts are cleaned completely before installation). Once the top tank is empty, fill it again but only after checking the level of water in the bottom tank. For refilling the purifier, rotate the top lid and remove it, pour the unpurified water slowly into the inlet funnel, ensuring that water does not overflow. After filling the to tank, Close the top lid.

3. Cleaning Procedure

Disassemble the water filter after draining the water completely.Wipe all the parts of the filter with clean dry cloth.Keep it to dry in warm environment.Reassemble in reverses way after dry.

4. Salient Features

Ideal for water from most sources (preferably low TDS water) No use of chemicals such as chlorine, Bromine or iodine for purification. Designed with a high bottom stand so that a glass can be filled easily and the purifier is not bound to be placed on the edge of a table/slab.

5. Setting Up Your Mineral Water Purifier Pot

Open the box and remove the part tally the contents with the items in the box. Wash all the plastic parts with clean water and wipe dry with a clean cloth before assembling refer previous page for parts number.

1. Place the bottom base

2. Fix the top on the lower tank

3. Place the lower tank on the bottom base

4. Place the middle cover on the top of lower tank

5. Take the carbon / mineral cartridge and screw into the cartridge hanger from the bottom in clockwise direction.

6. Place the carbon / mineral cartridge and cartridge hanger combination on to the cavity of the middle cover.

7. Unscrew the knob from the ceramic dome.

8. Place the ceramic dome top inside the upper tank and screw the knob from bottom.

9. Place the upper tank and ceramic dome.

10. Place the master lid on the top of upper tank.

11. Then place the top lid on the master lid.

12. Drain out the purified water for the first time before using for drinking purpose.

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