Five Signs You aren't Drinking Enough Water

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Makes you think twice about forgetting your water bottle! here's five easy ways to tell whether you're drinking enough water.

Check your skin

skin cells that aren't hydrated look rough and dry. if your hands feel dry after few minutes applying lotion. thats a big warning sign that you're not drinking enough water. staying hydrated is crucial to flushing toxin from your skin, so you're more likely to experience breakout when you do not keep your water handy.

Feeling tired or cranky

If you are dragging its no where near mealtime, think about how much water you have had today.

Multiple studies show that even mild dehydration causes moodiness, fatigue, trouble with memory, and headaches. ouch! if u can not focus or find yourself snapping at people, your 1st step should be a glass of water.

Are you hungry ?

Its surprisingly hard to differentiate between hunger and thirst. In fact, study show drinking eighth ounces of water stop hunger pangs 100% of the time and can make big difference in weight loss! 1,2 The next time you have a sneak attack or feel your energy crashing, reach for the water faucet first. Chances are you just need to drink more.

Do the math

When it doubt, us the handy water widget below! Just enter your weight, and it will calculate how many ounces of water you need to drink each day. Keep in mind that while other drinks count towards your daily fluid intake, caffeine actually cause your body dehydrated faster, so caffeinated coffee and tea do not help.

Check the clock

When's the last time you ensured that call of nature? A healthy adult should empty their bladder 6-7 times per day. If you are going many hour between visit to the bathroom, than your not hydrated. If your urine is dark or smell strongly, that's a warning sign that you are in the danger zone.

Drink healthy live #healthy life ?


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