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Step #1: Choose the type of service,

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  • Get doorstep repair in 60 minutes at your scheduled time slot. 

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  • We serve all brand service since 1998.   ​​​

3- Dedicated cooktop repair service centre in Panchkula


Our repair & services are dedicated to being performed with the use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to repair without compromising the quality of work at an affordable cost. With a remarkably trained group of expert service technicians’ team near you. we have been providing services in all over India. ​

4- Warranty on the repair service in Panchkula

A- 30 days long period service guarantee,

B- 90 days of spare parts warranty on the replacement.

5- One-stop solution for Product/service


Services near you-

We mostly cooktop and hob repair service in Panchkula

  • Bosch Cooktop & Hob

  • Sunflame Cooktop & Hob

  • Hindware Cooktop & Hob

  • Prestige Cooktop & Hob

  • Faber Cooktop & Hob

  • Elica Cooktop & Hob

  • Glen Cooktop & Hob

  • Kutchina  Cooktop & Hob

  • Padmini Cooktop & Hob

  • Savey Cooktop & Hob

Top cooktop service centre in Panchkula​


  1. NH-22, Panchkula

  2. MAIN ZIRKPUR ROAD, Panchkula

  3. Raipur Rani, Panchkula

  4. Sector-18, Panchkula

  5. Sector-30, Panchkula

  6. Sector-28, Panchkula

  7. Panchkula Industrial Area Phase I, Panchkula

  8. Swastik Vihar, Panchkula

  9. Chandigarh Road, Panchkula

  10. Panchkula Sector-5, Panchkula

  11. Shimla Highway, Panchkula

Related cooktop & hob service 

About cooktop & hob

Cooktop and hob are the basic need of a home and most used appliances in your kitchen counter, there's the most difference between cooktop (gas stove) and a hob (build-in-hob) is designed to seamlessly fit on the kitchen countertop while a kitchen stove may be a freestanding appliances unit.

Although both serve the equal basic function, build-in gas hobs are a far better alternative to the traditional cooking stove. These kitchen range cooktops are the safest kitchen appliances that you simply will ever use.

Mostly used brand cooktop & hob in an exceeding house in India — Bosch, Sunflame, Hindware, Prestige, ProOne, Faber, Elica, Glen, Kutchina, Padmini, Savey

It is common for any appliances to encounter wear and tear over a period of time. So, what should we do? Replace the appliances entirely or look for an intermittent solution depending upon the condition of the appliance which of course can only be ascertained by the appliance specialist. Here, we come to your rescue. Your appliances, being an investment for a lifetime has scope for repair which enables it to work as before, at ProOne, through its team of seasoned repair professionals are technically experienced, an expert at identifying the underlying issue and repairing the appliance to help it perform as desired. Our engineer shall attend to your appliance repair request once placed through our customer care number and conduct a detailed survey of the system. The issues ascertained shall be informed to you and repair work is undertaken only post providing you with complete information including expenses involved and obtaining your consent on the same.

Cooktop & hob installation

Cooktop installation- this freestanding cooktop is extremely easy to put in features a study grip to provide you hassle-free cooking,

Hob installation-  to installation, a built-in-hob should be within the right place and make sure, there's provision for ventilation at the hob to make sure proper operation within the kitchen area and accommodates the minimum distance from the cooktop laid out in the handbook for the right operation of your integrate hob professional installation by proone expert. The countertop (granite countertop) is altered by cutting where the hob is installed and insert the hob into the countertop cut out, ensuring the electrical cord goes through the opening. Press the hob into the countertop to form sure it's fully sealed remove the drawer from the furniture. And from beneath the hob turn the four brackets into position fixing hob to the countertop. Setting a stand-alone hob may be a work for a specialist. 

Book a hassle-free appointment just a click away with proone home appliances service that suits you and just a call us at 09999245619

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Cooktop Hob Service Price Panchkula

  • Get fastest cooktop repair just a click away book now.

    300 Indian rupees
  • Get fastest Hob Repair just a click away book now.

    300 Indian rupees
  • Get fastest cooktop service just a click away book now.

    450 Indian rupees
  • Get fastest Hob Service just a click away book now.

    750 Indian rupees
  • Get fastest Hob Installation just a click away book now.

    750 Indian rupees
  • Get fasted Cooktop Installation just a click away book now.

    500 Indian rupees

Frequently asked questions

1. Can hob stove be attached to the traditional gas cylinder?

Yes, hob stove is often attached to a traditional gas cylinder a while there should need some setting in hob.

2. Do you have hindware gas hobs spare parts in Panchkula?

Yes, we've hindware gas hobs spare parts in Panchkula. Just book an appointment we can repair any kind of complaint.

3. Are you able to repair the gas valve for the hob top glass gas stove?

Yes, our technician can fix the gas valve of the hob with a glass top.

4. Can we place hob on the countertop or it's compulsory to fit it inside the countertop?

Yes, you'll be placed on the countertop but it's for safety propose you ought to fix it on the kitchen workplace for safety propose.

5. Can we use built-in hob kaff hob 604 as a cooktop?

Yes, you'll use any company built-in hob as a cooktop.

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