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Fridge Repair Service in Dehradun

Fridge Repair Service in Dehradun

Your service expert near you

Features of fridge service

Choose repair service time slot

How ProOne works?

Step #1: Choose the type of service 

Step #2: Choose the service you need, 

Step #3: Choose your time-slot ( we service from 9 AM - 9 PM),

On Time Service

Why ProOne refrigerator service is best?

  • Get doorstep fridge repair in 60 minutes at your scheduled time slot. 

  • Fully trained experienced refrigerator repair & service professionals team.

  • Background verified & trained fridge service professionals.

  • We serve all brand fridge service since 1998. 

  • Hassle-free online booking or just a call away ​​

  • Fixed-price, We don't have any hidden charges.

  • All the parts and labor, They are part of our price already.

  • We use genuine parts that have been tested for reliability.

  • Specialize in fridge repairing

  • At an affordable cost, the best fridge repair charge.

  • Pay after service cash or online

Affordable Service

Why do you need to only avail of our fridge service in Dehradun?

Our fridge service is dedicated to being performed with the use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to fridge repair without compromising the quality of work at an affordable cost. Fixed-price, We don't have any hidden charges. Whether you're searching for a fridge repair in India, faulty parts replacement, or gas charging, ProOne professionals can fix it. With a remarkably trained & specialize group of expert service technicians team near you for all residential & commercial refrigerators repair and service, we have been providing services in all over India.​

Warranty on Repair Service

Do you have a warranty on the fridge repair in Dehradun?

At ProOne we have a warranty on the fridge repair service

  • 30 days service guarantee, 

  • 90 days ProOne spare parts warranty on replacement

Brands Service

Refrigerator brand we repair & service 

​Blue Star

















Note: This is an independent service centre

Service in

Recent refrigerator service nearby localities

  • Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

  • Rajpur Road, Dehradun

  • Mussoorie Road, Dehradun

  • GMS Road, Dehradun

  • Aman Vihar, Dehradun

  • Banjarawala, Dehradun

  • Canal Road, Dehradun

  • Garhi Cantt, Dehradun


How many types of fridge you service?  

  1. Top freezer refrigerator

  2. Side-by-side refrigerator

  3. Bottom freezer refrigerator

  4. French door refrigerator

  5. Counter-depth refrigerator

  6. Mini fridge


Which kind of service do you provide?​

Fridge repair

Fridge service

Fridge installation

Fridge maintenance

The refrigerator is not working?

If your fridge is broken, and you are not quite sure what's wrong with it? We can easily repair a refrigerator that won't start.


8 common problems with the refrigerator that require repair!

  1. Water leaking on the ground

  2. The freezer isn't cold enough

  3. Unit is cycling too often

  4. Fresh food compartment is warming up

  5. A sheet of ice on the freezer floor

  6. The buildup of frost within the ice dispenser

  7. The ice maker is overflowing

  8. The refrigerator is freezing food

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Top-rated fridge service professionals in Dehradun

Vijay Kumar

  • Upper Nehru Gram, Near 6 No Bridge, Ring Road, Nathanpur, Dehradun (UK)

  • Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Television,  Washing Machine

  • Repair, Service, Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, Uninstallation

  • 365 Days (9 AM to 9 PM

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Top-rated refrigerator service professionals in Dehradun

Frequently asked questions

1. How much charge for a refrigerator repair in Dehradun?

Refrigerator repair service price in Dehradun:-

  • Refrigerator Repair 300
  • Refrigerator service 450
  • Refrigerator installation 500

2. Do you provide a repair service warranty on the fridge in Dehradun?

Yes, we have a warranty on repair in Dehradun

  1. 30 days service guarantee
  2. 90 days of spare parts warranty on the replacement.

3. Does the service technician provide an estimate for before repair the fridge?

Yes after the inspection service technician gives you an estimate for the repair you'll decide you'd wish to go with the repair or not.

4. Did they use genuine spare parts for fridge repair in Dehradun?

Our repair & services are dedicated to being performed with the utilization of genuine spare parts in Dehradun,

5. How to look out of our refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is that the foremost used appliance in your kitchen reception or within the office or in every co-operate place and it's getting to even be the energy consumes the merchandise, too. Individual maintenance of your fridge will reduce power consumption and increase the lifetime of the refrigerator. We always confine mind some points to need the care of our appliance to provide us service for an extended period. Maintenance tips for your refrigerator! • clean off the condenser coils twice during a year.
• refrigerators and freezers condenser coils are responsible for raising the heat.
• replace & clean the gasket (rubber door seal) if required.
• timely defrost your freezer.
• clean the within parts of your refrigerator regularly.
• deodorize the refrigerator for a minimum of a month.
• replacing the home appliance or water dispenser filter.
• never use sharp items' quite a knife, spoon to clear your freezer.

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