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Frequently asked questions

What reverse osmosis membrane work?

RO water purifier contains a multitude of filters and membranes to remove different type of dissolved solids impurities such as

1: - Chemicals

2: - Heavy metals

3: - Sodium

4: - Potassium

5: - Sulphate and nitrate etc

Reverse osmosis (RO) can remove 90 to 95% of the metallic ions, germs from tap water.

Why RO has stopped working completely?

RO & Water Purifier Have Common Problems If your RO is not responding when you switch it on, first check the main power supply, than make sure that the power supply is connected, check if the red lights or service indicator of the machine are turning on, If yes, it scene one of the filters or membranes inside the RO machine might be compressed or clogged preventing the machine from dispensing water. then you have to contact ProOne customer care for water purifier repair services, ProOne professionals will check where the fault is and then repair the machine.

When Filtered Water Has a Bad Odour and Taste?

Water purifier contain a multitude of filters and membranes to remove different type of dissolved solids impurities, in some cases, one or more of these parts of machine may get damage or malfunction making the filtered water smell or taste bad. If you are facing this problem then first you need to check the tap water for its smell and odour. If the tap water is not smelling or tasting bad then you need to hire technician for RO water purifier inspection and repair services. Then ProOne expert will inspect the machine, unclog any malfunction components and replace faulty parts of the water purifier.

How Preserve the True Taste of Food and Beverages?

Different type of contaminants dissolved solids can alter the taste of food and beverages that you make using filtered water. If your water purifier is not serviced regularly then the residue built-up in your RO can alter the taste of water dispensed by the machine. You can enjoy your food and beverages true taste when you get your RO serviced regularly.

Benefits of Availing RO Repair Services Periodically?

If you want to access pure and clean water than tap water contains plenty of impurities and contaminants that can become a source of water-borne diseases and infections. When you use a RO water purifier machine for a longer duration, the residue of tap water may start to build up in filters and membranes and make the water purifier less and less effective. By availing RO and water purifier repair services regularly, you can ensure that these components are cleaned and can work efficiently to remove all kinds of impurities from water.

Why RO Water Purifier Flow is Slow?

If you notice that the water flow from your RO water purifier is slower than usual then you first need to check the water supply. If there on off valve is on and no problem with the water supply then slow water flow can be few indications such as

A: - Choked filter

B: - Booster Pump Pressure is low

C: - High TDS levels in the water supply

Mostly TDS level is high in the rainy season, then you will have to wait for it to come to normal levels to see the water flow from the RO water purifier machine improve. If the Total dissolved solids levels are fine then it indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. Total Dissolved Solids is an parameter of the purity of water.

How TO Increases the Lifespan of Your RO Water Purifier?

Regular service ensures that the components such as filters and RO membranes in your water purifier work well and last you a long time, and provide you & your family clean pure drinking water when they are serviced regularly.

Why you need to only avail our services?

ProOne Repair & Services are dedicated to be performed with use of genuine spare parts so there will be dignity to repair without compromising quality of work. With a remarkably trained group of expert service technicians’ team near you. we have been providing services in all over India.

For instant connect you can dial our all-time available contact number Know as customer care or service centre number 8750799899. In case, you find any problem after getting our services, you will get instant assistance for resolution of the concern.

Is There Any Repair Service Combo Offer in ProOne?

Yes, at ProOne you can avail expert installation and uninstallation services of RO & water purifier from ProOne. You can hire our expert technician to install your new RO machine in your house or uninstall your RO in case of renovation or shifting. Consider availing our combo offer of uninstallation and installation services if you're shifting houses.

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