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Frequently asked question

What is RO water purifier work?

RO water purifier contains a multitude of filters and membranes to remove different type of dissolved solids impurities such as

  1. Chemicals

  2. Heavy metals

  3. Sodium

  4. Potassium

  5. Sulphate and nitrate etc

Reverse osmosis (RO) can remove 90 to 95% of the metallic ions, germs from tap water, and provide safe and pure water for drink.

Is RO purified water good for health?

Yes, RO systems purified water is completely safe to drink and good for health. I always drink water from RO systems and it keeps me healthy and it's really good for our health. RO water purifier system removes some unhealthy contaminants, so always drink purified water.

How often should you change your RO membrane?

The membrane should be changed every 18-24 months or if you notice a significant drop in water passing through the reverse osmosis system. In your case pre and post filters which should be changed every 6 months and 12 month or membrane which should be changed every 18 months.

Why choose RO water purifier?

If you're checking out a RO water purifier systems which will offer you outstanding water here are a couple of reasons to think about RO water filter systems:

  1. Improve taste: Reverse osmosis filtration improve taste, odor, and appearance of water

  2. Save money: No got to purchase drinking water. Reverse osmosis water cost just pennies per gallon to provide.

  3. Simple maintenance: Reverse osmosis systems are easy to clean and maintain.

  4. Removes impurities: RO systems flush pollution away including pesticides, chlorine, sulfates, bacteria, and more!

How (RO) reverse osmosis & water purifier work?

Now these days water purifiers have become a necessity for every family. RO and water purifiers ensure that you get pure and safe drinking water on demand so that you stay away from water-borne diseases. There are many types of water filtration processes such as

  1. Reverse osmosis processes

  2. Ultrafiltration processes

  3. Ultraviolet processes

You have multiple choices for water purification system depending on the quality of water. Though we can easily get in touch with service professionals if there is a problem, it is always helpful to know how these systems function.

This water filtration process is the best effective methods of water purification in world. Desalination is the process of removal of salt from seawater Many water treatment plants now started using this RO water purification technique to deal with water-impurities such as

  1. Physical impurities

  2. Chemical impurities

  3. Microbiological impurities

What reverse osmosis membrane work?

RO water purifier contains a mess of filters and membranes to get rid of a special kind of dissolved solids impurities like

  1. Chemicals
  2. Heavy metals
  3. Sodium
  4. Potassium
  5. Sulphate and nitrate etc
Reverse osmosis (RO) can remove 90 to 95% of the metallic ions, germs from the water .

How to preserve the true taste of food and beverages?

Different types of contaminants dissolved solids can alter the taste of food and beverages that you simply make using filtered water. If your water purifier isn't serviced regularly then the residue built-up in your RO can alter the taste of water dispensed by the machine. you'll enjoy your food and beverages' true taste once you get your RO serviced regularly.

Benefits of availing RO repair services periodically?

If you would like to access pure and clean water than water contains many impurities and contaminants which will become a source of water-borne diseases and infections. once you use a RO water purifier machine for an extended duration, the residue of water may start to create up in filters and membranes and make the water purifier less and fewer effective. By availing RO and water purifier repair services regularly, you'll make sure that these components are cleaned and may work efficiently to get rid of all types of impurities from water.

How to increases the lifespan of your RO water purifier?

Regular service ensures that the components like filters and RO membranes in your water purifier work well and last you an extended time, and supply you & your family clean pure beverage once they are serviced regularly.

What is the benefits of alkaline water?

12 Benefits of Alkaline Water shown by studies

  1. Weight loss

  2. Improves immunity

  3. Anti-aging

  4. Hydration

  5. Liver health

  6. Digestive health

  7. Detoxification

  8. Brain health

  9. Bone health

  10. PH balance

  11. Cholesterol reduction

  12. Energy levels

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