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How to select kitchen chimney for home?

ProOne kitchen chimney is a home & commercial appliance that absorb smoke, fumes from kitchen and makes kitchen clean and oil, smoke free, in fact, ProOne kitchen chimney is an appliance which adds style and decor to your modular kitchen.

ProOne is providing buying guide and tips to buy modern kitchen chimney to choose best kitchen chimney. In fact, you can use ProOne kitchen chimney selector to choose best kitchen chimney.

How many types of kitchen chimney filter?

Depending on the structure, material and filtering process, chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories.

1: - Cassette filter

2: - Baffle filter (best for Indian food)

3: - Carbon filter

How auto clean chimney work?

ProOne auto clean chimney capable to maintain its body parts clean self as its names, the cooling air mostly contains oil particles. When this cooking passes through the auto clean chimney, it’s turbine blower forces air to move towards the chimney walls. During this process whatever oil present in the air is stuck to the container walls and collected in an oil collecting bowl. There is detachable oil collector in ProOne auto clean chimney has to wash once in a month. Auto clean chimney converts cumbersome, time consuming cleaning process to easy and effective. Auto clean chimney avoids sticking grease, oil particles and improves the chimney suction power and increase the lifetime of the chimney. The oil, grease particles are deposited in the oil tray / bowl, once it's filled user have to take out and empty the bowl and fit back into place. However auto clean features collect all the oil and grease, the small amount of grease, oil stuck, stored in baffle filter too as time passes. ProOne auto clean chimney also needs manually cleaning, but very low that to infrequently. If you really bothering about chimney cleaning than ProOne auto clean chimney is perfect choice.

How many type designs of kitchen chimney?

Which type kitchen chimney we should to buy decision depends on the kitchen structure and construction were going to fit it and location of the cooking platform, Hob & gas stove based on the capabilities where can fit, ProOne kitchen chimney is divided into 3 - 4 categories.

1: - Wall mounted chimney

2: - Island chimney

3: - Built-in chimney (Integrated)

4: - Corner chimney (Rare in India)

How to consider before buying a chimney?

Whatever the kitchen chimney you are going to buy online, chimney must fit in your kitchen, power of suction, chimney filter types are comfortable and suitable for cooking habits. at ProOne we are furnishing some of the tips must consider before buying chimney online.

1: - Chimney filter types

2: - Types kitchen chimney

3: - Chimney suction power

5: - Chimney size

6: - Chimney design

7: - Chimney ducting

How long does a chimney cleaning take?

About 30-90 minutes

Every chimney is different, but on average a thorough cleaning should take about 45 minutes to an hour.

How do you know if your chimney needs to be cleaned?

There are several signs you can watch for that will indicate you need a chimney cleaning service such as.

1: - Smelling a strong Odour from a kitchen chimney

2: - One more thing you should check for every so often is grease or creosote in your kitchen chimney.

3: - When a fire creates a build-up of smoke inside your kitchen, it is because there is a blockage in the chimney pipeline or suction problem of chimney.

4: - Hearing mouse or birds inside the pipe of kitchen chimney

How much does chimney cleaning cost?

How much does chimney inspection and chimney cleaning cost. The standard chimney inspection costs about RS.300 to Rs.1500. Charges vary depending on roof accessibility and the type of chimney you need inspected. Some chimney technician may perform free inspections if you chose to have your chimney cleaned or other repair work done.

Do you need to clean your chimney if you don't use it?

Mostly homeowners assume they do not have to clean their chimneys out if they don't use them, but that could not be further from the truth. If you do not use your chimney, you may not have to clean it as often, but you still should have a professional inspect and cleaning your kitchen chimney to make sure it is safe.

Is auto clean chimney better?

However, the fees for maintenance are often higher because it has got to be cleaned from time to time. These are a number of the advantages of using the auto clean chimney. Both chimneys provide benefits to the users; however, the auto-clean appliances offer more advantages than the manual ones.

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